James Terry - Software Developer

James says: "Wow, I've worked on a lot of projects - I'd love to add yours to the list!"


Walmart Sam's Club iOS eCommerce App I worked on every aspect of the Sam’s Club App, which has a 4.9 rating and over 1 million MAU. I helped evangelize the use of Reactive libraries (like RxSwift) to help control complexity. I worked closely with my other developers (both on the mobile and back end sides), team management, designers and QA to align the technical and business goals of Walmart. Most recently the form library I created for the team was integral in allowing the quick rollout of a custom version of the app that Sam’s used for a Covid related concierge service. Sales associates did the shopping for customers with health risks so they didn’t have to enter the store. This version was created and deployed in a week in response to the crisis.

Amazon Audible iOS App I consulted at Amazon and helped the Audible team add features to the iOS Audible app. My work was focused on supporting their initiative to expand beyond just audio books. It included presenting short stories, podcasts and original content. I worked closely with product designers as we iterated new designs, including animations and transition effects.

Huggies Pull Ups iPhone App This iPhone App, sponsored by Huggies, helps you potty train your child. Set a schedule and "Patty Potty" will "call" your child and remind them it's time to go. Games and virtual stickers serve as rewards and you can even graph their progress over time. When they've graduated potty trasning the App will email you a diploma for them!

Pampers My Baby Registry I developed the Blackberry App and Internet Explorer Search Bar for this project. The App can scan product bar codes and allows your friends to share what they've purchased for your baby on Facebook.

Cherokee Checkers The top selling iPhone game - it's a unique twist on checkers that's different from most other games. The AI can be tough to beat but you can always play with a friend in hot seat mode.

Hear Ye A competitor for Craigslist developed using the Google Application Engine. Unlike traditional Internet classified sites HearYe.com ads are not tied to geographic locations. Just pick the phrase you'd like to post an ad under, type it in and off you go.

Mercedes-Benz MASK Kiosk A touch screen driven kiosk that allows Mercedes-Benz to collect the names and addresses of trade show attendees interested in getting more information from Mercedes-Benz and its dealers.

Prada Touch Screen Driver A device driver for a unique touch screen system that is part of the Rem Koolhaas designed Prada's Flagship Soho store.

Ralph Lauren Glamorous Fragrance Introduction Software and hardware for the multimedia retail exhibit that introduced Ralph Lauren's new fragrance Glamorous.

Annotate.net Development of NetRadar search technology and browser companion. Included desktop, server, and authoring components.

Levi Strauss Union Square Flagship Store Software for 8 unique exhibits located in Levi's Flagship store in San Francisco.

Chicago Symphony Orchestra Software for the over 15 Macintosh based exhibits at CSO's ECHO Learning Center in Chicago.

Nike NSite Web and Kiosk version of an expert system based running shoe product recommendation system.

Sony Wonder Technology Lab Software for the ground breaking Science and Technology museum in New York City. Over 30 exhibits featuring one of a kind hardware and hands on experiences.

Con Ed Learning Center Kiosk and unique electronic "Sculpture" installed at the Con Ed Learning Center. The kiosk allowed Con Ed employees to share work experiences.

Cognetics HyperTies Hypertext Browser A multimedia Hypertext Browser predating the World Wide Web called HyperTies. HyperTies was ahead of it's time - like modern Web Browsers it featured an SGML based markup language (ironically even named HTML) and an internal Javascript like language.

Electronic Arts Amnesia Development of the King Edward Adventure game authoring system used for this adventure game. Amnesia featured a sophisticated English language parser and was based on script by Thomas Disch.