James Terry - Software Developer

James says: "Here are some people and places I work with, check them out!".


Yes, I’m on Linked-In. It seems it’s de rigueur for headhunters and alike. But it’s not all bad - I have reconnected with a few past work associates on it. Microsoft is also on a roll lately, so maybe the future is brighter than one would expect. We can always hope.

Github - hey another Microsoft acquisition. (Github seems a lot better fit than Linked-In, but I digress.). I’m on here do but I admit most everything I do is closed source. That’s the life of a consultant. I am talking to some clients about open sourcing some code I’ve done for them but it’s not something that comes naturally. Look for a future article if I’m persuasive enough.

John Butterfield Associates John is a prolific designer for museums, specializing in game design. John has also designed some of the mostly highly regarded conflict simulations in the field.

Ruddy Duck Media Web home of Jonathan Duckett, Audio Engineer extraordinaire. If it involves sound Jonathan is the one you want at the controls.